Fourth Annual Chattanooga Startup Awards

For one night, on October 19, we will come together to celebrate Chattanooga’s growing entrepreneurial ecosystem. It takes a village to build a company, to raise capital, to develop a brand, to find the perfect location, and to create a community where people feel safe dreaming big.

Join us as we award area
visionaries of all kinds.

The Chattanooga Startup Awards will recognize and celebrate the next generation of emerging companies as well as everyone who helped them become successful along the way.

Industry leaders, designers,
mentors, consultants, journalists

Champions of all kinds will be honored for their incredible contributions to Chattanooga’s entrepreneurial environment. Every role that contributes to a startup’s growth is important, and is appreciated.

Truly, it takes a village.

Stand with us as we pledge
to do our part

Let's redefine the American Dream. Together, we can ensure that every person who contributes to our startup community has a place in Chattanooga where success can be both realized and recognized.

Awards Categories

In order to be eligible companies must be under 5 years old, under $1M in revenue, and be within a 55 mile radius of Chattanooga.

  • Business To Business

    This award celebrates excellence and the recent successes with any service-based or product-based agency, firm, or enterprise for whom over 90% of their clients are businesses.

  • Business To Customer

    A startup company that has provided a fresh solution to a previously unaddressed consumer need.

  • Education

    A person, organization, or business that has proven a commitment to educating and empowering next generation of entrepreneurs across our community.

  • Bootstrapper

    This award is given to the entrepreneur with the most compelling “rags to riches” story of building their business from the ground up.

  • Startup of the Year

    Heaps praise on the most forward-facing, problem-solving, original and inspiring young business in the Chattanooga area. This is the kind of company that embodies the innovative spirit and has a legitimate chance to be a household name.

  • Startup Advocate of the Year

    This individual or organization promotes and relentlessly campaigns for the best interest of startups and shines a light on the people powering those companies.

Celebrate Chattanooga's ingenuity together

It takes a village.